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MCWARE, the Magnalite Alternative

Just like your MawMaw
used to cook in!

Magnalite has not been produced since the early 1990s, however Cajun Classic Cookware produces McWare, which has become known as the “new Magnalite” since it’s introduction in 1999. McWare was originally produced and distributed by Michael R. McGee from Mamou, Louisiana. He coined the term McWare by combining his last name McGee “MC” with the “Ware” in cookware and created the McWare brand. McWare pots have been purchased, used and loved in kitchens all across Louisiana since 1999. You will not find McWare in big box stores, because Cajun Classic Cookware’s focus and support are for the Mom and Pop stores struggling to compete with the influx of big box stores.

Gary Matte Hardware Is Proud To Be A Distributor and To Now Offer These Pots For Purchase Online.

McWare Pots

8 pc Set
This McWare 8pc set comes with a 5QT Dutch Oven, 10″ Skillet, 1 & 2 QT Sauce Pots, & a Steam Plate. The skillet and…
Sauce Pots
Use once and you will be hooked for life, these high quality sauce pots are perfect for any cooking style. Perfect for beans or any…

Kitchen Gadgets

Boil Over Stopper
Boil-Over Stopper Pot Watcher prevents messy spill overs, keeps stove tops clean. Use when cooking potatoes, pasta, oatmeal, Gumbos, Soups, etc. Use hook as oven…
Pot Minder
Keeps pots from boiling over. Place disk in pot when cooking potatoes or pasta. Simply place the pot minder in the bottom of the pot…
Big Block Silicone Ice Tray
Big Block Silicone Ice Cube Tray Create extra large Ice cubes to keep your favorite beverages colder, longer. Oversized ice cubes melt slowly and won’t…
Plastic Ice Tray
Plastic Ice Cube Tray  Extend the chill of your favorite drink or cocktail 🤪🍹 🥃 🍺.  Perfectly Spherical 2” cubes.  Trays are sturdy and stackable! 
Batter Bowl
Batter Bowl by LEM  Quick and easily batter or bread with no mess and less waste.  Also great for marinades.  Removable sifter keeps food out…
Spoon Buddy
Spoon Buddy 3-in-1 Kitchen Gadget Suction Spoon Rest Turns plates into lids  Opens Jars with ease  Heat resistant  Made in USA 🇺🇸  Fits an array…
A Cajun Platter
A Cajun Platter  🦞The perfect platter for all your seafood eating!  Great for Crawfish, Shrimp, Crabs and more!  Keep your shells separate from what you…
Spoon Pot Clip
Heat resistant silicone pads clip onto the pot, protecting against scratches while keeping your utensils from slipping into the pot. Keeps utensils at the ready …
2 PCS Ice Tray
Silicone Ice Tray 2pc Set  Black Silicone  1 Square Ice Tray 6 cubes  1 Round Ice Tray 6 balls
Batter Dispenser
Easy-squeeze handle releases the perfect amount of batter. Drip free, mess free dispensing. Transparent 4 cup, BPA-free canister with measurements. Perfect for Pancakes, Muffins, Crepes,…
Pizza Cutter
🍕 4” 🍕Pre sharpened, long lasting edge, high carbon steel blade  🍕Textured slip resistant  Marlin
Seasoning Injector
Stainless steel Seasoning Injector with 2 ounce capactity. Liquid & Minced marinade needles. Easy to fill & clean. Dishwasher safe. Bayou Classic
Corn Cutter
🌽 easily removes fresh corn from the cob 🌽remove kernels from the cob in one easy motion  🌽stainless steel blade
Corn Cutter
🌽Unique blade zips between kernels and cob cutting several rows at once. 🌽Perfect for canning, chowders, salsas, relishes, creamed corn and more. 
Onion Blossom Maker
Prepare beautiful & tasty onion blossoms  Includes onion slicing guide and core remover plus recipe booklet  Dishwasher safe
French Fry Cutter
Make french fries the easy way. Includes: 1/2″ plate for regular fries, 3/8″ plate for shoestring fries Plastic and metal. Secures to smooth counter via…
Vegetable & Food Chopper
Three blade plates: 3/16 square chopper, 7/16 square dicer, 3/16x 1 1/2 slicer Rubber foot pads for non slip Removable plates easy to clean and…
Meat Chopper Turner
Chop fast breaks up thawed or partially defrosted ground meat. Turn easily longer blade ensures easy browning & stirring. Safe for Non- Stick Cookware, Dishwasher…

Cooking Products

Swamp Bucket/ Swamp Steamer
The 5 Gallon Swamp Bucket you never knew you needed. YESSSSS it’s a boiling bucket. Boil your Crawfish, Shrimp, Crabs, Veggies, Peanuts and more in…
Kitchen Scale
22lbs Removable stainless steel measuring bowl, classic analog food scale with easy to read, metric and imperial measurements, ideal for measuring meat, veggies or flour.…
Ice Cream Maker
🍦 Just like the olden days🍦 Old fashioned Ice Cream Maker Electric & Hand Crank Combination  Make rich & Creamy Ice Cream the old fashioned way! …
Cajun Cleaner
Cajun Cleaner  1) Take top off of Cajun Cleaner and put whatever your washing into the Cleaner 2) Cajun Cleaner will hold about 45 to…
Big Ice Tray
Make your own ice. 10 pounds of ice per tray. Lasts 2 times longer. Perfect for water, and other things as well. Be creative.
Stainless Steel Griddle
Stainless Steel Griddle Single griddle  16”x 18”  Stainless Steel Griddle Double  31 1/2”x 17 1/2”  Griddles are perfect for outdoor stovetop or burners.

Cast Iron

Oyster Grill Pan
Cast Iron pre-seasoned oyster grill pan by Bayou Classic. Holds 12 oysters or clams on the half shell. You can even use this pan to…
Round Skillet With Handles
16″ Round Skillet Cast Iron with helper handles 20″ Round Jumbo Skillet Cast Iron with helper handles A complete breakfast in one skillet, pan fry,…
Shrimp Pan
Holds 24 Jumbo Shrimp for grilling or sauteing. Pre-seasoned Bayou Classic

Enamel Coated Cast Iron


Boiling Pot with Basket
40qt. Aluminum Boiling Stock Pot  Cajun Classic by McWare Basket included  60qt. Aluminum Boiling Stock Pot  Cajun Classic by McWare  Basket included  Perfect for any…

Indoor/Outdoor Cooking Utensils

12″ Sharpening Steel
12” Stainless Steel sharpening blade Handle length measures 5” Plastic handle with hanging loop Wipe with soft damp cloth for cleaning   
Elegance Utensils
Stainless Steel Elegance Ladle  2oz  4oz  Stainless Steel Elegance Fork  13” Fork  Stainless Steel Elegance Spoon  13” Spoon Stainless Steel Elegance Spoon  11” Spoon  
Marlin Fillet Knives
Marlin Fillet Knife 7”  Textured, easy to clean, slip resistant. Pre- sharpened, long lasting edge , high carbon steel blade, 440 stain free. Marlin Fillet…
Marlin Boning Knives
Marlin Boning Knife 4 1/2”  Textured, easy to clean, slip resistant handle Pre- sharpened, long lasting edge , high carbon steel blade Marlin Wide Boning…
Stal Chef Knives
Stal Knives  8” wide chef  Stal Knives  8” wide hollow chef  Stal Knives  10” wide chef  Stal Knives  10” wide hollow chef 
Roux Solid Spoons
These spoons have a slant on the bottom to make it easier to scrape the bottom of the pot. 5 different lengths available 11″ –…
Stal 6″ Boning Knife
Stal Knives  6”  Curved Blade Boning  German Steel  Stal Knives  6”  Narrow Boning  German Steel  Stal Knives  6”  Wide Stiff Boning  German Steel 
Kitchen/Poultry Shears
Kitchen/Poultry Shears  Sturdy & Durable Great for so many everyday kitchen tasks Comfortable PP handles for easy grip Serrated & Notched Stainless Steel Blades 
Crab Hammer
Crab Hammer 🦀  One-do-it all tool offers the ultimate seafood experience  Hammer – cracks the harder shells with ease Not her- raised ridge on hammer easily…
5” Thermometer – Stainless Steel – 50° to 750° F Bayou Classic 12” Fry Thermometer – Stainless Steel – 50° to 400°F Bayou Classic
Oyster Knife
Oyster Knife by Marlin  4” Pre sharpened  Long lasting edge 440 Stain Free High Carbon Steel Blade  Textured, Easy to clean, Slip Resistant 
Sea Scissors
The easiest way to eat shellfish. Cuts through Lobsters and Crabs like Butter. Made of surgical steel. Great for the kitchen or tackle box. Dishwasher…
Straining Ladle
Slotted rim strains liquids while the solid wall allows scooping and pouring  Stainless Steel  Dishwasher Safe 
Petite Roux Spoon
Gumbo Spoons
The perfect spoon for Gumbo, Soups, Ice Cream, Cereal, Cornbread & Milk and more! Stainless Steel by McWare 7″ Spoon with handle Spoons are sold…
Side Cut Roux Spoon
Easily scrape the sides of your pot while cooking. These spoons also fit in most Roux jars. Comes in sizes 11″, 13″, 15″

Burners / Boilers /Fryers

Tabletop Burners
These tabletop burners are portable, rugged, & versatile. Great for camping, backyard, scouting, tailgating, parks, & emergency preparedness.  Angle Iron Single 15,000 BTU per hour…

Seasonings & More

Lil Bit Boil Set
Pass down the Tradition by giving this gift! Great for parties! Makes the perfect gift, decor, and perfect for your Lil Chef! Best of all…

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