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Kitchen Gadgets

  • 2 PCS Ice Tray

    Silicone Ice Tray 2pc Set  Black Silicone  1 Square Ice Tray 6 cubes  1 Round Ice Tray 6 balls

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  • 7pc Grate, Slice, & Store Set

    7pc Grate, Slice & Store Set  Coarse, fine, slice,julienne blades  Non slip feet and hand guard Measurement markings up to 2 cups or 400 ml  Lid for storage  Slice or grate directly onto food Graters, slicers & lid snap together for storage. 

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  • A Cajun Platter

    A Cajun Platter  🦞The perfect platter for all your seafood eating!  Great for Crawfish, Shrimp, Crabs and more!  Keep your shells separate from what you about to eat.

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  • Batter Bowl

    Batter Bowl by LEM  Quick and easily batter or bread with no mess and less waste.  Also great for marinades.  Removable sifter keeps food out of mix for less clumping.  Microwave & Dishwasher safe 

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  • Batter Dispenser

    Easy-squeeze handle releases the perfect amount of batter. Drip free, mess free dispensing. Transparent 4 cup, BPA-free canister with measurements. Perfect for Pancakes, Muffins, Crepes, Waffles

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  • Big Block Silicone Ice Tray

    Big Block Silicone Ice Cube Tray Create extra large Ice cubes to keep your favorite beverages colder, longer. Oversized ice cubes melt slowly and won’t dilute drinks as quickly.  Freezes berries, citrus rind curls, mint leaves, fruit juices and other ingredients in the ice for a colorful display and tasty infusion.  Includes 8 extra large 2” x 2” ice cubes

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  • Corn Cutter

    🌽 easily removes fresh corn from the cob 🌽remove kernels from the cob in one easy motion  🌽stainless steel blade

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  • Corn Cutter

    🌽Unique blade zips between kernels and cob cutting several rows at once. 🌽Perfect for canning, chowders, salsas, relishes, creamed corn and more. 

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  • Crab Tongs

    Crab Tongs by Marlin  14” Sanitary easy to clean  Stainless Steel 

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  • Deviled Egg Maker

    Deviled Egg Maker  A devilishly clever way to make deviled eggs! 

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  • Fresh Food Chopper

    Easy one-handed operation  Ideal for chopping vegetables, nuts, herbs and more! 

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  • Meat Chopper Turner

    Chop fast breaks up thawed or partially defrosted ground meat. Turn easily longer blade ensures easy browning & stirring. Safe for Non- Stick Cookware, Dishwasher Safe

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  • Oil Container With Strainer

    Aluminum oil container makes oils/grease reusable. Oil can be poured in hot or warm. Includes a lid and a strainer to filter cooking oil and drippings. Stores oil in the container. Easy to clean. 1.5qt.

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  • Onion Blossom Maker

    Prepare beautiful & tasty onion blossoms  Includes onion slicing guide and core remover plus recipe booklet  Dishwasher safe

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  • Perfect Burger Press Set

    Perfect Burger Press Set  11pc set press and store six 1/4 lbs or 1/3lb burger patties  Dishwasher safe 

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  • Pineapple Slicer

    Fresh cut pineapple with a simple twist. Peel, core, slice, and cut fresh pineapple in seconds.

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  • Pizza Cutter

    🍕 4” 🍕Pre sharpened, long lasting edge, high carbon steel blade  🍕Textured slip resistant  Marlin

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  • Plastic Ice Tray

    Plastic Ice Cube Tray  Extend the chill of your favorite drink or cocktail 🤪🍹 🥃 🍺.  Perfectly Spherical 2” cubes.  Trays are sturdy and stackable! 

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  • Seasoning Injector

    Stainless steel Seasoning Injector with 2 ounce capactity. Liquid & Minced marinade needles. Easy to fill & clean. Dishwasher safe. Bayou Classic

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  • Shrimp Deveiner

    Red Shrimp Deveiner  Peel & devein Shrimp in one step

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  • Silicone Glove

    Protects hands from heat up to 450 degrees fahrenheit. Dishwasher safe. No direct flame. Cajun Classic

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  • Spoon Buddy

    Spoon Buddy 3-in-1 Kitchen Gadget Suction Spoon Rest Turns plates into lids  Opens Jars with ease  Heat resistant  Made in USA 🇺🇸  Fits an array of utensils Silicone

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  • Spoon Pot Clip

    Heat resistant silicone pads clip onto the pot, protecting against scratches while keeping your utensils from slipping into the pot. Keeps utensils at the ready  Hold basting brushes over marinades, sauces, and butter Utensils drops directly into the pot.  Pot and spoon NOT INCLUDED

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  • Tower Fry Cutter 

    Quickly cut french fries and veggie sticks in one easy motion. 

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  • Vegetable & Food Chopper

    Three blade plates: 3/16 square chopper, 7/16 square dicer, 3/16x 1 1/2 slicer Rubber foot pads for non slip Removable plates easy to clean and includes cleaning tool Carolina Cooker

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  • Warthog Knife Sharpener V Sharp A4

    Everyone has experienced the problems caused by using dull knives. The all-new VSharp A4 is your solution. It uses two high quality, 325 grit diamond hones that sharpen both sides of the blade simultaneously. The A4 uses the patented V-Sharp system with angle settings of 15-,20-,25- and 30-degrees to sharpen virtually any knife. It is the perfect diamond knife sharpener for home use, chefs, fishermen, and hunters.  Use with ceramic hones to sharpen serrated blades with ease! The A4 knife sharpener is easy to use, fast, and accurate. Using Warthog Sharpeners, almost anyone can sharpen a dull knife.

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  • Warthog Sharpeners Curve

    Warthog Sharpeners Curve - Easy to use - Super fast razor edge - Sharpening of both sides at constant angle 25°

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  • Pot Minder

    Keeps pots from boiling over. Place disk in pot when cooking potatoes or pasta. Simply place the pot minder in the bottom of the pot when cooking or warming potatoes, pasta, soups, gumbos, or milk. Made in the USA

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