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Swamp Bucket/ Swamp Steamer


The 5 Gallon Swamp Bucket you never knew you needed. YESSSSS it’s a boiling bucket. Boil your Crawfish, Shrimp, Crabs, Veggies, Peanuts and more in this bucket. Be sure to put water in the bucket above the heating element before you plug it. Directions on the bucket.  Please Remember to add water BEFORE plugging in your Swamp Bucket and continue to monitor the water level while boiling—being sure the element stays COMPLETELY SUBMERGED in water the ENTIRE time it is plugged in. No gas, no open flame, no pot and no strainer needed! You just add water, plug it in and boil.

Swamp Steamer allows you to steam seafoood or vegetables. Just place the Swamp Steamer inside the Swamp Bucket in order for it to work. (SWAMP STEAMER ONLY WORKS WITH A SWAMP BUCKET OF SOME SORT)

SWAMP STEAMER attachment to get that perfectly seasoned and steamed seafood/meat/veggie of choice! Just add your water and seasoning to the Swamp Bucket, plug it in then add your seafood/meat/veggie to  Swamp Steamer that fits perfectly in the top of the Swamp Bucket. Steam until cooked to your preference. Swamp Steamer comes with Steamer bucket and lid.

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 13 × 13 in

Swamp Bucket, Swamp Steamer, Swamp Bucket & Swamp Steamer Combo


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