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Cooking Products

  • Aluminum Liquid Measures


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  • Big Ice Tray

    Make your own ice. 10 pounds of ice per tray. Lasts 2 times longer. Perfect for water, and other things as well. Be creative.

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  • Cajun Cleaner

    Cajun Cleaner  1) Take top off of Cajun Cleaner and put whatever your washing into the Cleaner 2) Cajun Cleaner will hold about 45 to 50lbs of Crawfish  3) Connect water hose to the Quick release fitting on the bottom of the Cleaner and turn water on 4)Run water till clean water comes out the top and crawfish will be clean and ready to Boil.    Clean whatever you want to clean in it such as berries, veggies and even kids sports uniforms

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  • Chuckwagon Dinner Bell By Lodge

    Call folks in for dinner with a piece of Americana. The unmistakable ring of the Chuckwagon Dinner Bell Stirs up an appetite for simple times and meaningful meals. Includes steel striker and leather hanging strap.

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  • Crawfish Gloves

    Crawfish Gloves  14” Black W/Red Liner  Heavy Duty Double Dipped Rubber 

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  • Dutch Oven Lid Lifter

    Dutch Oven lid lifter for cast iron. Remove the lid with this lifter. Bayou Classic

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  • Ice Cream Maker

    🍦 Just like the olden days🍦 Old fashioned Ice Cream Maker Electric & Hand Crank Combination  Make rich & Creamy Ice Cream the old fashioned way!  Begin with the Electric motor then switch to hand crank!  Makes up to 6 quarts! 

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  • Kitchen Scale

    22lbs Removable stainless steel measuring bowl, classic analog food scale with easy to read, metric and imperial measurements, ideal for measuring meat, veggies or flour.  

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  • Microwave Rice & Pasta Cooker Set

    Cooks rice & pasta in minutes. Includes measuring cups and spoons. 12 cup capacity. Microwave safe and dishwasher safe. Made by Progressive

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  • Rice Cooker

    These rice cookers come in 3 cup, 5 cup, 8 cup, 10 cup. Cajun Classic

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  • Stainless Steel Griddle

    Stainless Steel Griddle Single griddle  16”x 18”  Stainless Steel Griddle Double  31 1/2”x 17 1/2”  Griddles are perfect for outdoor stovetop or burners.

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  • Swamp Bucket/ Swamp Steamer

    The 5 Gallon Swamp Bucket you never knew you needed. YESSSSS it's a boiling bucket. Boil your Crawfish, Shrimp, Crabs, Veggies, Peanuts and more in this bucket. Be sure to put water in the bucket above the heating element before you plug it. Directions on the bucket.  Please Remember to add water BEFORE plugging in your Swamp Bucket and continue to monitor the water level while boiling—being sure the element stays COMPLETELY SUBMERGED in water the ENTIRE time it is plugged in. No gas, no open flame, no pot and no strainer needed! You just add water, plug it in...

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  • 7 Cup Drip Pot

    McWare 7 cup Drip Pot. ALUMINUM

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