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Small Items

Items that are smaller

  • Roux Solid Spoons

    These spoons have a slant on the bottom to make it easier to scrape the bottom of the pot. 5 different lengths available 11" - 13"-15"-18"-21"

    $3.99$7.29 Select options
  • Replacement Knobs

    Replace the knob on your McWare or Magnalite pot! Comes with screw

    $8.99$89.90 Select options
  • Replacement Handle

    This Replacement handle is for a McWare or Magnalite Pot Comes with screw

    $10.99 Add to cart
  • Roaster Handle

    Replace the handle on your McWare or Magnalite roaster. COMES WITH SCREWS

    $11.25 Add to cart
  • Pot Minder

    Keeps pots from boiling over. Place disk in pot when cooking potatoes or pasta. Simply place the pot minder in the bottom of the pot when cooking or warming potatoes, pasta, soups, gumbos, or milk. Made in the USA

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